Whitening Teeth Stained by Food

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Many of our patients come in complaining that their smile doesn’t have the luster it used to. There are many reasons that smiles slowly dull over the years. Knowing the causes is half the battle, and we can help you get your bright and beautiful smile back.

Why is it that we feel our smile has lost its shine? What many people do not realize is that there are many factors in why teeth seem to lose its shine over time. Some of these include:

· Black teas and coffee
· Sports drinks
· Red wine
· Sauces such as tomato, soy, and curries
· Some prescription medications
· Age
· And many other acidic and tannin-rich foods.

Our office wants to help you combat the stains that these things have left on your teeth over the years. To do that, Royse City Dental Care offers both a convenient take-home whitening systems as well as a powerful whitening treatment at our office in Royse City, Texas,

To learn more about the benefits you can gain from whitening your teeth, we invite you to contact our practice at 972-636-2417. Our dentists, Drs. Edmon R. Hutchison, would be happy to answer any questions you have or to schedule an appointment with you.