Filtered Water Lines

We are serious about our patients’ safety, care and experience with us. Dr. Edmon R. Hutchison, Dr. Eric J. Gabrielsen and associates go the extra mile to ensure the success of your visit and do so by implementing a variety of sterilizing techniques to ensure our office is a clean, sanitized space. One of the most important things we do to provide a high-quality experience is to use filtered, sterile water in all our operatories and other facilities. Our water filter removes bacteria, allowing for a clean, fresh start to every treatment so you can receive the best care possible.

Additionally, we clean our equipment and every tool before and after each patient visit, which prepares our rooms for every appointment and patient we see. Our entire team is trained in these sterilization techniques and is committed to providing an environment where you can feel comfortable and safe.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art antiseptic procedures by viewing our website page here.

We are happy to discuss your treatments with you and the benefits of using filtered water lines for your dental care. Give Royse City Dental Care a call at 972-636-2417 for more information about our office’s filtered water in Royse City, Texas, and schedule an appointment with our dentists.