Our Dental Veneers Can Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

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At Royse City Dental Care, our skilled dentists, Dr. Hutchison, Dr. Gabrielsen, and Dr. Craig are happy to be able to offer porcelain and resin dental veneers for our patients in Royse City, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Dental veneers are a quick, pleasing and safe fix for front teeth that are less attractive than you would like them to be. Veneers are often used as a makeover, having the ability to change your appearance dramatically in a relatively short period of time.

Our veneers are ultra-thin, semi-translucent shells which bond to your teeth. They are long-lasting, resistant to staining, appear natural, and are typically made of porcelain or composite resin. To place a veneer, our dentist will need to remove a very thin layer of the front of the tooth so that porcelain is able to bond to the tooth (don’t worry, it doesn’t make the tooth thicker). Our veneers will cover the stains on your tooth, fill in gaps between teeth that are too widely spaced, make a short tooth longer, straighten crooked teeth, and make your smile more aesthetically pleasing.

Are your teeth healthy, and your bite normal? If so, you are the perfect candidate for dental veneers. If you are looking for a natural looking way to create a uniform, whiter, and radiant smile, veneers are an excellent option for you. And if you are seeking to restore worn teeth, revitalize an older crown or bridge, our dental veneers can make this happen.

Dr. Hutchison, Dr. Gabrielsen, and Dr. Craig and our caring staff in Royse City, Texas, are ready to brighten your smile if you are ready to make a change. For more information, or to schedule a visit with our team, we invite you to give us a call at 972-636-2417 today, and let us help you improve the appearance of your smile.