Cosmetic Dentistry for the Holidays

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The holiday season has returned once again. The merry joy and gracious gift-giving festivities will be aplenty, so make sure to keep your teeth well-protected. If you should suffer an oral accident from literally biting off more than you can chew, our dentists at Royse City Dental Care are here to help.

Whether your smile needs a simple tooth restoration or you need an entire smile replacement, there are cosmetic dental procedures to do the job. Here are just a few of them:

Teeth Whitening: Our teeth whitening system offers professional teeth whitening treatments that can improve the color of your teeth.

Crowns: Our dental crown service can place crowns on a wide variety of damaged teeth.

Invisalign®: Our Invisalign service offers removable clear aligners to straighten teeth.

Implants: Our dental implants are used to fill in the void left behind from missing teeth with realistic fully-functional replacements.

Veneers: Our dental veneers are used to bond durable shells to the fronts of your teeth that can be fully crafted and customized in a lab to give you a movie-star quality smile.

To learn more about the cosmetic and restorative services, Royse City Dental Care can provide for your oral health care, stop by our office in Royse City, Texas. If you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Edmon R. Hutchison, you can contact a member of our team at 972-636-2417. Visit us soon to see what cosmetic dentistry can do for you!