Build a Better Smile This Summer by Avoiding Unhealthy Foods

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Build a better smile this summer by avoiding unhealthy foods. The products you consume play a vital role in your overall oral health care. Be mindful of foods and drinks that seek to destroy your tooth enamel and ruin your oral health. Listed below are common foods and drinks you should avoid to ensure your smile will remain spectacular:

Acidic Foods:

– Be mindful of acidic foods and foods with a low pH level, as acids in foods can eat through tooth enamel and cause cavities. This includes tomatoes, citrus fruits, and sour candy.

Sticky or Chewy Foods:

– Avoid foods that linger around your mouth long after consumption, as it can increase the time that dental erosion can occur.

Hard Foods:

– Hard or tough foods can break, chip, crack, or knock your teeth loose. Some hard or tough foods include corn on the cob, corn kernels, candy apples, and well-cooked steak.

Sugary Sweets:

– Sugars that are found in foods and drinks are some of the biggest risks to your oral health. Bacteria in plaque can convert sugars in your mouth into harmful acids that can cause dental erosion to occur.

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