A Tooth that Has Been Knocked Out Can Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

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While it’s certainly unfortunate, there are times when a massive blow to the face can carry so much force that it severs the periodontal ligaments and potentially shatters the tooth enamel. When a tooth is knocked out in this fashion, the damage is often so extensive that your Royse City Dental Care dentist has no other option than to extract the tooth and suture the gums.

Once your gums have completely healed, we can replace the knocked-out tooth with a dental implant in Royse City, Texas.

Before the implant can be successfully installed in your mouth, we will need to assess the remaining bone structure in that part of your mouth. In many cases, the trauma of a knocked-out tooth can compromise the bone structure. In a situation like this, we might recommend that you have a bone graft installed to restore sufficient bone structure to successfully anchor a dental implant.

To install the titanium abutment, an oral surgeon will make an incision in your gums. Then, a small hole will be drilled directly into the bone. The titanium abutment will be screwed into place and a hard, plastic, temporary crown will be cemented over the top to protect it.

In time, the titanium implant will naturally integrate into the surrounding bone tissues in a process known as osseointegration. Once this has been achieved, your dentist, Dr. Edmon R. Hutchison, can fit you for a crown that will fully replace the knocked-out tooth for many years to come.

If one of your teeth has been knocked out, you should call Royse City Dental Care at 972-636-2417 to have it treated.